Our Trip Into The Simpson Desert In July 2008


This trip started out as a South to North journey through the Simpson Desert in South Australia and onto Poeppel Corner via the Birdsville Track, Warburton Crossing and K1 Line. We then headed north, visiting Poeppel No1 Oil Well and Beachcomber Oil Well, then into the Desert following our GPS until we came across a track not too far from the Queensland/NT border. We then made our way to Madigan's Camp 16, 15 and 14 and then followed the Hay River bed, making our way past Lake Caroline, the Tropic Of Capricorn and Mt. Winnecke. It was then onto Batton Hill Camp, where we caught up with Lindsie Bookie and his son's Wayne and Chris. After Chris showed us around Batton Hill, we headed off via the Plenty Highway through Gemtree and onto Alice Springs for fuel and supplies.

It was then off to the West Macdonnell Ranges visiting Standley Chasm and onto Palm Valley via Hermansburg. After a short stay at Palm Valey, we moved down the Finke River to Boggy Hole and onto the Ernest Giles Road, where we visited the Henbury Meteorite Craters and onto the Stuart Highway for our trip home. On the way, we turned off at Glendambo to visit Lake Gairdner and a quick stay at Kolay Hut in the Gawler Ranges.

Two weeks of camping in the Australian outback with some great friends and campfires.