Water Methanol Injection System

Here are some pictures of my Water/Methanol Injection System. Based on a Devils Own system, but triggered by boost and Throttle Position Sensor.  A 0.75Gal/hour nozzle sprays at 12psi boost and then the 3.0Gal/hour cuts in at 1.6v TPS using a 50/50 mix of distilled water and methanol.  Water/Meth injection increases power by around 15%, reduces peak combustion temperatures and NOx emissions, lowers EGT's by about 50DegC and cleans the intake system and combustion chambers.

The end result is a Delphi/CAV type Sedimenter without a filter, but it does have a clear glass bowl to see any contamination. Another very handy feature is the miniature ball valve and barb that’s fitted to the outlet of the Nissan fuel filter to help bleed the system and it's a handy point to fit a fuel pressure gauge for testing.

The pump that I chose to supply fuel to the Sedimenter is a Walbro FRD-11, which can flow up to 210L/hour and lift fuel over 3meters. Instead of 4"Hg of vacuum, I now have 1.5psi of fuel pressure to the Zexel Rotary injection pump at idle. The electric pump is “flow through” with a check valve (not a vane pump), so that if the electric pump fails, the rotary pump can still pull fuel through it. This should help to control water and debris from entering the engines fuel system while supplying a steady flow of fuel under pressure to the rotary pump and hopefully improve the rotary pumps durability and longevity.

ZD30 VP44 Rotary Pump Spill Return Line Mod

This modification re-directs the spill line return from the fuel inlet to the fuel pumps return and to the fuel tank. It should help to maintain a cooler fuel supply to the pump, provided an electric fuel pump is used to supply fuel to the VP44.