Engine Bay & Performance Mods

The Intercooler was ordered from Cross Country 4x4 and supplied with a 10" fan fitted underneath. It has about 30% larger surface area over the factory cooler and is fitted with a PWR core. An additional boost gauge port was fitted to the front tank. Some modifications to the scoop seal and retainer were necessary to accommodate the larger cooler.

The fan is powered via a relay thatís controlled by an adjustable temperature switch from Jaycar. The temperature sensor is mounted onto the intercoolers front tank and the switch is normally set to turn the fan on at 52c and off at 40c. Control power comes from an ignition feed at the wiper motor and power is from the main battery.

I also fitted a ProVent 200 Air/Oil Separator to help control oil build up in the intercooler and inlet system and help reduce the chance of engine failure as a result of oil mixing with EGR gases which forms a thick black grease that has the potential to partially block the intake manifold and throttle body. A Check Valve was fitted so the any oil in the Provent would drain back into the sump when the engine was shut down.

The Transmission Dropping Resistor values were increased to improve the transmissions shift feel and firmness. Two resistors were used so that I could retain the stock shift firmness while in low range.